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Beta Reading

I have had the privilege of beta-ing a number of stories including one for the Pros Big Bang challenge.  I now appreciate the responsiblity involved!  I would love to help anyone who needs it - my Beta style is quite wordy - I'll make lots of comments.  I'm happy to have a dialogue and discuss why I've made a particular comment or suggestion, but equally accept that the story belongs to the author and not me.  I can Brit check very well (being British born and bred and was a teenager/twenty-something during the 70s and 80s).  I've watched all the episodes (lots of times!!) as well as remembering the original series.  I've also got all the books as well as some original merchandise.  I'm happy to read pretty much anything (gen or slash) but not too keen on gratuitous sexual violence or anything really un-natural.  Hoping to hear from you. 

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Bodie looking dishevelled

Beta Reader Offer

With Slantedlight's encouragement ringing in my ears, I'm posting (I think) this offer to beta for any Pros author who hasn't already got a favourite helper!  I'm old enough to have lived (as a teenager and twenty-somthing) through the seventies and eighties.  I can help with language, grammar, general proof-reading and typographical checks and certainly do a Brit-check (although I've never lived in London).  I've only done one beta (for Slantedlight), but I'd probably make a lot of comments but perfectly  understand that it's the author's work and any suggetions I make would  not neessarily be taken onboard.  I'm not keen on gratuitous violence or sexual violence, but I'm willing to try anything.  I would probably be quite quick, but real life is always busy!

If you're interested, my e-mail address is -



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